Identify ALL Phantom Models

The DJI Phantom was first introduced in 2013 as the Phantom 1. As of mid-2016, additional models include the 2, 3 and 4 series. See the pictures and descriptions below to identify the Phantom models.

A short listing and text descriptions:

Phantom 1 – the first Phantom. It came with a GoPro holder to allow a camera to be installed.
Phantom FC40 – This used the Phantom 1 chassis but included a low resolution camera which was controlled by an included app.
Phantom 2 – These are the first Phantoms to use the modular “smart battery”. There were various models made which used this chassis including the bare Phantom 2, Phantom 2 with Zenmuse Gimbal for GoPro, Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision+. The Phantom 2 Vision + was the first Phantom to feature a custom stabilized (with gimbal) camera. The time frame for the introduction of various Phantom 2 models was March 2014 through March 2015.
Phantom 3 – Originally released in two models in April, 2015 – the Phantom 3 Pro (4K camera) and the Phantom 3 Advanced. These models were highly refined and included a more advanced app and better cameras than former models. Two lower priced models, the Phantom Standard and the Phantom 4K, were released later making four total models in the Phantom 3 lineup.
Phantom 4 – The Phantom 4 is a deluxe model introduced in 2016 which uses the most up to date drone technology and adds a better camera as well as “computer vision” – allowing for obstacle avoidance.


Phantom 1 and FC 40
Phantom 1 and FC 40


The Phantom 2 was also sold complete with a GoPro gimbal (stabilizer) – called the Zenmuse.

Phantom 3 (Pro Shown)
Phantom 3 (Pro Shown)

The Phantom 3 series consists of 4 models which has a similar style. Distinguishing features are listed below:
1. Phantom 3 Pro – Gold Trim and Decals “4K” embossed on camera. “Phantom Professional” on gold rectangular tag on front.
2. Phantom 3 Advanced – Silver Decals and Nameplate – “Phantom Advanced” on nameplate.
3. Phantom 3 4K – Gold Trim and Nameplace – nameplace says “Phantom 4K”
4. Phantom 3 Standard – Red decals and silver nameplace – nameplace says “Phantom Standard”.
A complete article on the feature differences is located at this link (

Phantom 4 - No Stripes and Clean Lines
Phantom 4 – No Stripes and Clean Lines